Century develops a programme dedicated to the swimming pools and wellness areas field.

The involved collections have both traditional thickness (9-10 mm) and increased (20 mm) and all the proposed pieces are designed to be used with the most popular systems of water recycling, that of overflow (or Finnish) and that of skimmers.

In this way, Century allows reaching a spatial continuity among internal, external, poolside and interior of the tank thanks to products with the same colours and the same graphics, but different surface finishes depending on the area of ​​use to meet the requirements.


For example, in the case of a residence it can be chosen, always keeping the same graphics, a natural finish for the internal rooms, a finished grip for the outdoor terrace, special trims at the poolside still with finished grip, to finish with the inside of the tank coated with mosaic.

The materials proposed by Century represent the optimal solution for swimming pools, the wellness areas and the areas adjacent to them as they ensure safety, hygiene, aesthetic refinement, ease of maintenance and cleaning, durability, slip resistance, resistance to contact with chemical products, no-absorbency and frost resistance.

The wide range of special pieces includes different types of poolside and different types of grills to be used together in order to make each environment unique.

The entire range of Pools & Wellness is enriched with mosaics in different sizes and finishes, to be used to coat the inside of the tank or other wellness areas, such as showers, Turkish baths, thanks also to the possibility to adapt to the curved surfaces.


Fincibec Engineering is always ready to assist the designer and the customer to select the most suitable materials, in the drafting of the project hypothesis concerning the special pieces and in its estimation.

Each project is followed consistently from the design stage through to shipping of the material while keeping under control all technical and quality aspects. The Century technical division is also available to study customised solutions to fully meet every creative requirement.

Starting with the indication provided by the customer, Fincibec Engineering is able to develop a project hypothesis, to control the production of special pieces and to produce a defined process with all the references, including the numbering of each individual piece that will be present also in the box which will arrive at site so as to facilitate and speed up the positioning stages and with a saving in terms of time and cost.


All requests can be forwarded to:

E-mail: engineering@fincibec.it

Telephone: +390536861300


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