Century expands its offering raised floors for indoor and outdoor. This is one of the cases in which the functionality and aesthetics combine into a single product. The high quality standard of the Century products and specifications of the proposed solutions combine to make environments more attractive and to meet the many needs of the project.

Indoor raised floors

The possibility to have the foot trafficked floor raised allows to house in the technical room the technological and engineering networks and to improve the living comfort. Also, having a modular structure and laid dry brings about several advantages, from the design stage through to the installation stage and beyond. Inspecting and maintaining the systems, updating the latter to meet the demands arising from the different organisation of space and/or the work, becomes much easier, with the guarantee of rapid times and cost-effectiveness.




The high property and the multiple advantages allow the Century raised floor to be installed in new buildings, which require numerous plant networks, both in existing buildings, and those including historical-artistic interest.

The elements

The Century raised floor consists of a bearing structure, modular panels top coated with porcelain stoneware and accessories. All elements combine to create a technologically safe, functional and aesthetically refined solution.

The bearing structure consists of adjustable columns, cross-members, which connect stably the latter to gaskets, the function of which is to improve support, with shock-resistant, anti-drumming and air tightness features. The type of structure will be selected at the design stage depending on the needs that will arise, with the support of specialised partners with many years of experience, with whom Century collaborates.

The modular panels have an upper covering made of porcelain stoneware, a support core (high density chipboard or in inert material based on calcium sulphate), a lower finish and peripheral edges.


1.Upper covering made of porcelain stoneware

2. Support core

3. Lower finish

4. Peripheral edge

5. Gasket

6. Crossbeam

7. Adjustable columns

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