2022 trend: natural colours and textures

Between sky and earth, the colours of nature conquered interior design and became the protagonists of a contemporary, trendy palette: light tones such as sky blue and aquamarine complement warm nuances, close to the colours of the earth, sand and wood. Through an attentive and tasteful colour selection, the 2022 ongoing trends connect us more and more with the world around us. A widespread desire and, at the same time, an invitation to a sustainable lifestyle welcomed and supported by ceramics with its best production technologies.

Marble-effect porcelain stoneware enhances the colours of the season, from sky blue to a charming warm white, through its extremely realistic texture. CONTACT collection, Heaven and Stone White colours.

The colours dedicated to contemporary living spaces are those of nature, inspiring and conveying positive feelings of calm and peacefulness. Colour effects are complemented by the growing interest in textured surfaces, those characterised by graphic processing, those  linked to natural materials such as wood, marble and stone, or to handicraft techniques such as the manual application of plaster.

Ceramic surfaces for architecture reached such a level of realism and expressiveness to have taken on an identity of their own. They are alternatives to natural materials with technical and mechanical performance that are unequalled in certain projects. They create original solutions thanks to the vast range of chromatic and graphic proposals, including three-dimensional ones, fully available to designers.

The combination of wood effect on floors and marble effect on the walls highlights the versatility of porcelain stoneware for contemporary interiors. The colour balance and the realism of the surfaces are underlined by the available sizes. JASPER Collection, Creek colour, 30×120 and 20×120 cm floor tiles. CONTACT collection, Vogue colour, 120×260 cm wall tiles.

In particular, it is the variation in colour, the so-called “colour shading”, that makes wood, stone or marble effect porcelain stoneware visually appealing, along with the richness of detail and the graphic depth obtained with the ultra-high resolution digital technologies applied onto ceramic products.

A wide choice of colours and textures develops elegant and bespoke combinations, to decorate new constructions as well as classic and reclaimed spaces with stylistic consistency. Textural and colour mixes aim to represent a new style of design, furnishing and decoration, inspired by that organic design, again an undeniable point of reference.

Outdoor and indoor spaces dialogue through porcelain stoneware, which is functional and performing in different applications. The aesthetics of the project is complemented by details thanks to the use of stone, wood and marble effect surfaces. GEOLOGY Mars external floor tiles, JASPER Branch internal floor tiles, CONTACT Stone White wall tiles.

However, attention to nature and its components is directly correlated with a demand for sustainable products, especially in the building industry, and in this Made-in-Italy porcelain stoneware stands out for its performance excellence. The production process is sustainable because it is circular and virtuous. Just think that 44% of the electricity required comes from renewable sources such as solar and cogeneration plants; 99.5% of production and purification waste is reused in the production cycle; 24% of the raw materials used and finished products sold travel by rail; 99% of dust emissions are now eliminated by abatement plants.

All this is combined with the technical features of porcelain stoneware, which is a hygienic material, easy to clean and maintain, versatile for use in different premises, healthy for indoor applications, resistant, safe and durable.

It is hygienic, safe, easy to maintain and available with surface finishes that make it suitable for use in public premises with specific needs: porcelain stoneware is also a sustainable choice, in terms of the high efficiency and sustainability of its production process. BLEND collection, Elite colour.