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Walls in particular are dressed with strong hues, in block colours or artistically inspired geometric patterns. Skilfully calibrated and combined with fine quality materials, colour is synonymous with innovative architecture and creativity.

The bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms where, traditionally, brighter colours have held sway, but now the living room and the bedroom are also opening up to unusual styles and nuances. In the trend towards colour, ceramic floor and wall tiles are the perfect accompaniment: they are easy to clean and are unaffected by direct contact with water, exposure to damp and temperature variations, and use of chemical agents.

The colour palette is an important choice in every project, since colour influences people’s emotions and can create the mood in the room being decorated. Also, the shape and arrangement of a room can suggest how best to use the accent colours. In long rooms, for example, a warm colour on the far-end wall improves perception of the space, whereas in wide rooms, colour is best on the side walls.

Eye-catching walls created with big ceramic slabs, especially when coloured patterns are chosen. The industrial style, with dark metal and leather furniture, sets off the lively personality of decorated coloured walls, textures can be used to enhance corners and niches. Small irregularities in the layout of a room create opportunities to optimise the space and create original, practical elements.

Royal Wood, Century