Ceramic dress code for swimming pools and spas

Outdoor swimming pool and solarium. The external floor and the special pieces that complete the infinity pool belong to Century’s  Titan  collection. Safety and ease of maintenance are ensured by porcelain stoneware solutions with a thickness of 20 mm and a suitable R11 A+B+C grip finish.

Swimming pools, solariums and spas are pleasant places for relaxation and leisure. Their design must combine aesthetics and safety features to protect the health of the users. Ceramics are a great ally in this sector because of the specific grip finishes, the large availability of specially devised pieces made to measure and the infinite aesthetic solutions, whose beauty remains unaltered even in contact with water.

In recent years, the attention paid to outdoor spaces and wellness facilities has grown exponentially, followed by a demand for materials, finishes and technical solutions dedicated to their construction. The leisure facilities have equipped themselves with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and sensory showers, and have set up outdoor areas dedicated to the well-being of their guests, as an essential complement to their leisure time. Swimming pools and small domestic spas have also become popular in the residential sector, driving many house owners towards high-quality, safe and easy-to-maintain materials.

The interiors of commercial wellness areas are looking for an elegant and original design that encourages relaxation, but at the same time is functional and hygienic. Blend ceramic surfaces by Century are available in the new Elite colour, perfect for characterising the environment and underlining an experience of well-being, also in the original Mold Mosaic chosen for the walls.

Scenic walls characterise the design of the room, to be created with large slabs or decoration elements, but also seats covered with porcelain stoneware and matched to the floor and wall surfaces used. Spas, solariums, as well as fitness and health clubs are finding new creative ideas aimed at personalisation, which are both useful to enrich the experience of users and functional to protect their health.

When it comes to the aesthetics of a swimming pool, the pool edge is the element on which most attention should be focused. The visual effect is evocative when the surrounding floor seems to continue seamlessly into the water, perfectly uniform in colour and texture. This is why many porcelain floor tile collections feature special pieces, such as gratings and corners specially designed for swimming pool construction. This provides unparalleled aesthetic continuity, an elegant result that can also be extended to indoor areas whenever required.


Ceramics faithfully interpret numerous material inspirations, allowing every indoor and outdoor detail to be defined. Century Royal Wood wood-effect porcelain stoneware is cosy and comfortable indoors and can confidently dress outdoor floors and poolside, for a relaxing result, synchronised with nature, but with a high technical content.

The need for so many special parts lies in the different types of pool construction: in-ground, semi-underground or above ground, with skimmer or overflow water recirculation and filtration systems. Each type requires appropriate measures in the construction of the edge, in particular for the openings necessary for the passage of the water that must reach the purification mechanism before being returned to the pool.

Stone, wood, but also cement and resin to name a few. Porcelain stoneware offers an unparalleled choice of material inspirations and colours, to design interiors and exteriors with the same attention to detail. In Century’s Stonerock range, natural stone effect porcelain stoneware is available with a natural surface and a grip surface, as well as a full range of Pools&Wellness special pieces, in 9 mm and 20 mm thicknesses

Particularly in the residential sector, the outdoor space is experienced as an open-air extension of the interior spaces; the possibility of installing a perfectly homogeneous floor, for a ceramic total look, is always highly appreciated. In this regard, it will be the responsibility of the designer to indicate the most suitable surface finishes for indoor installation, outdoor walkways and poolside, after careful evaluation of the environmental context and intended use.

It is no coincidence that the special porcelain stoneware pieces for swimming pools and wellness areas are manufactured either with a thickness of 9-10 mm or with an increased thickness of 20 mm. Thickness is a decisive factor if the ceramic material is to be installed dry in outdoor areas, directly on grass, gravel or sand, or if a raised floor is to be created, or even if a driveway is required. Stoneware is a technically perfect solution here as well, and the products available make it possible to coordinate the installation requirements in relation to the expected loads and the presence of swimming pools.

It is resistant to temperature changes, frost-free, not affected by water and by intense sunlight. The technical performance of porcelain stoneware meets the needs of outdoor design, combined with a pleasant materiality to be experienced daily in all seasons. Outdoor setting with Century Ecostone Limestone TWO flooring and pool edge and Pools&Wellness special pieces.

Porcelain stoneware resists continuous contact with water, while retaining its aesthetic and mechanical properties unchanged. The R11 A+B+C grip finish allows safe walking on the surface even when barefoot and meets the requirements for slip resistance in heavily used areas such as showers, changing rooms and toilets. In the case of outdoor structures, it should not be neglected that ceramics are frost-free.

The low porosity of porcelain stoneware does not facilitate bacterial activity and prevents dirt from settling. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and resist treatment with disinfectants and detergents. Robust, scratch and acid resistant, porcelain stoneware is a high-performance choice for poolside and all wellness, commercial and private areas.