Customising the bathroom environment

Century Aurum

Ceramic surfaces accompany the evolution of the bathroom in contemporary living trends. From a simple functional environment to a home spa, the step has been a short one, thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies and innovative materials that today let you create spaces dedicated to wellness and relaxation, customised in each and every detail according to personal taste and needs.

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From the traditional shower with stall to the sophisticated walk-in version, this is one of the most cared-for elements in the modern bathroom, preferred to the bathtub because it requires less space and allows greater awareness to water consumption. The rhythmic roaring of water from the shower head becomes a sensory experience when accompanied by naturalistic scenery and evocative textural effects. Details where porcelain stoneware reveals all its expressiveness. Decorative graphics with flowery and botanical subjects recreate important bonds with nature, in the same way as the more minimalist ceramic stone and the elegant textures of ceramic marble, especially when used in large sizes.

Century Blend

Polychromatic, iridescent, with original geometries that develop unexpected textures on the wall and much more: ceramic mosaics add precious details to the bathroom, enhancing surfaces, niches and architectural volumes. Technologically evolved heirs to an ancient decorative tradition, porcelain stoneware mosaics meet complex needs by elegantly combining the best performance of industrial surfaces and the refined aesthetics that come from the shape and size of the tiles. Ideal in contact with water, the mosaics of the ceramic collections can be installed inside the shower, while some proposals also allow application and use on the floor.

Century Jasper

The drive for maximum customisation of the bathroom today passes through the combination of different textural suggestions, preferably made of porcelain stoneware that guarantees uniform, high-level performance. The ever-expanding trend in interior design moves away from the minimalism of the past by the variety of tones and colours to be combined in pleasant contrasts or in harmonious tone-on-tone. All this, as mentioned, makes the most of the advantages of ceramic material in terms of resistance, hygiene, cleaning and maintenance.