Glam is the new project by Century that takes inspiration from the contemporary architectural landscape, in a perfect balance between clean lines that break the horizon of the man-made area and traditional elements linked to the history of the location. Glam is inspired by the most compact and elegant natural stones, which serve as perfect building materials and offer a timeless charm, dictated by the richness of surface details and the sober elegance of colour.


With a catalogue rich in modular formats available with natural and lapped finishes, Glam meets the most diverse needs in residential, public, and commercial spaces. The hues of Glam include light and luminous tones such as white and beige, versatile and captivating nuances such as grey and dove grey, and the decisive anthracite, to be freely paired to match the design of both interior and exterior spaces. A decorative offering inspired by the world of cement tiles and perfectly coordinated with the colours of the collection, Glam can be used in spaces for well-being and living, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


The range is also aimed at outdoor design through traditional grip thickness solutions and 20 mm Glam TWO solutions, which represent an ideal solution for creating walkways and driveways in outdoor areas.